Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

All personnel and third-party associations of hold zero responsibility for the damages that you might incur during and after investing your money. The information that we share is solely based on non-professional grounds. We are not registered or authorized to provide information that will affect your investments in the exact way that our clients plan.

Investment in securities is subject to market risks and changes. The investment strategies that we have discussed on our Site might not be suitable for all kinds of investors. If you are using the information provided by our website, you should take the final call only after reconsidering your risk factors, objectives of investment and your financial position.


Our website provides information, opinions and material that are subject to changes without prior notice. Our directors, employees, associates and representatives are not responsible for the damages or losses that you experience after basing your decisions on our information.

We quote prices as per the market trends. Our quoted prices might not be absolutely accurate. They are subject to changes as per current market trends. Real-time trading prices might also differ from what we quote and offer.

Incorrect Information and risks

Although tries to ensure that all information and materials with regard to products, services, facilities and offerings are provided on the site, the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed. We hold no responsibility for the risks that are involved with the inaccuracy of the provided information and the damages that you incur as a resultant.

Information from the site

Since our site contains information of a general nature, it should not be treated as a resource for comprehensive information. It is recommended that you take professional advice in order to eliminate risks.

Risk elimination

All financial instruments pose some form of risk, irrespective of the kind of impact they may have on your finances. To ensure that your risks are completely eliminated or largely reduced, it is recommended that you weigh in your investment strategies and the risk ratio before using up your money.

Since the risk factor is impossible to eliminate completely, we expect you to invest an amount that you can afford to lose without risking your major areas of commitment.